Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees in Alabama

 Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees in Alabama

Before you even think about applying for a commercial drivers license in Alabama, you need to think about the cost. How much money will you need to shell out in fees in order to get your CDL? We will answer this question in detail here so there will be no surprises when you go to the DMV.

Basic CDL Fees in Alabama

If you intend on applying for a commercial driver license, there are a few set fees you’ll need to pay before you can take the test and set out on the open road. It costs $25 to take the written test and $20 to take the skills or road test. You will also need to provide proof of insurance for the truck you’re taking your test in.

There is also a license fee that you’ll need to pay. A Class A license costs $53.50. A Class B license costs $43.50. And finally, a Class C license costs $23.50. A learner’s permit costs $23.50 as well. It’s a good idea to check with your individual county, as you may need to pay separate fees based on your location.

Alabama CDL Endorsement Fees

If you plan on adding any endorsements to your CDL, you can expect to pay additional fees. For the HAZMAT endorsement, you’ll need to submit fingerprints to the TSA and complete a background check through the FBI and TSA. All of these components require a fee. It’s $38 for the fingerprints, $34 for the TSA background check, and $17.50 for the FBI background check.

If you need additional help navigating the fees for getting your CDL in Alabama or if you’re interested in obtaining financing, get in touch with at 1-800-TRUCKER. We’ll give you the info you need to become a licensed trucker in no time!

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