CDL Schools in Alabama

Industries like aerospace, heavy machineries and mineral extraction are heavily dependent on road transportation for carrying and delivering raw materials and finished products. Trucking companies do a brisk business in Alabama, where these industries are concentrated. As the demand for qualified CDL holders is always high, there are many CDL schools in Alabama. If you are interested in trucking as a career, enrolling in a CDL training program is recommended.

Aspiring truckers though have a huge question in front of them, which CDL school in Alabama they should opt for? CDL Alabama after exhaustive research compiled a list of truck driving schools in Alabama that cut above the rest. Parameters such as curriculum, equipment, on-road training, and placement assistance were taken into consideration while rating CDL training schools in Alabama.

To explain further we ensured that –

  • CDL training in Alabama offered by the truck driving schools locally covered all the aspects of CDL exams.
  • Required hands-on training, on-road training in number of hours is according to the regulations laid down by Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Sufficient training materials
  • Students enrolling for CDL training program are provided all kind of assistance is securing funding for their training.
  • The CDL training school in Alabama is approved by Department of Veteran Affairs and is military friendly CDL school
  • Does the CDL training school have tie-ups with major trucking companies?
  • Is there a dedicated department for providing placement assistance to students graduating after truck driving?

We, at CDL Alabama, realize that despite having all this information, aspiring truckers are sometimes unable to find the best truck driving schools in Alabama. To help you in finding the right CDL training school, call us at 1-800-TRUCKER or 1800-858-2537. A friendly representative will help you in locating the right truck driving school in Dotham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Selma, Greenville, Decatur, Prattville, Troy and other major cities in Central and Northern Alabama. Call us now.

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