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The rush to get admission in the various CDL schools in Alabama does not surprise us. After all, the trucker benefits for drivers in Alabama have been realized by many and these have encouraged them to look for truck driving schools in Central Alabama in cities like Troy (AL), Prattville (AL), Greenville (AL), and Selma (AL). When it comes to truck driving schools, North Alabama cities like Huntsville and Decatur (AL) too provide ample opportunities for hopefuls to get trained, get their CDL, and enjoy the many trucker benefits in Alabama.

For the curious few, the following are some of the trucker benefits in Alabama that have been drawing in hopefuls:

  • Job Security: The recent spate of industrialization has increased the demand for trained, certified, and safety-conscious truck drivers in Alabama and as the U.S. Department of Labor predicts, the demand is only going to increase in the coming days and months. This makes truck driving one of the most stable professions in the state.
  • Attractive Pay and Perks: One of the most attractive of all trucker benefits in Alabama is the tidy pay that a driver gets to take home. A CDL holder in Alabama can hope to earn about USD 71,000 every year while additional endorsements bring in more. Some Alabama companies also pay their drivers as much as USD 202,000 annually apart from dishing out lucrative perks like bonuses. Also, some Alabama employers also offer health and life insurance coverage, prescription drugs coverage, and a host of retirement benefits to their drivers.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Many Alabama trucking employers let their drivers choose the number of hours they want to be on the road so that the latter does not need to be away from his loved ones or favorite activities for many days on end. This improvement in working conditions is one of the most critical of all trucker benefits in Alabama.

With so many trucker benefits, it’s natural that trucking aspirants would be looking for¬†CDL training. Alabama-based Affordable Truck Driver Training¬†offers a Tuition Assistance Program whereby a deserving candidate can obtain funding for his trucking education; he has to only pay his licensing and registration fees and the accommodation charges. Call us at 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537) to know more about how you can get admitted to this school.

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