Truck Driving Life









There are many thrills of a truck driving life in Alabama that encourage trucking hopefuls to look for CDL schools in Alabama where they can prepare themselves for an exciting and rewarding career.

Many prospective truckers are attracted to the profession by the promise of tidy pay checks and lucrative perks. For instance, a truck driver in Alabama who holds the commercial driver’s license (CDL) can earn more than USD 70,000 a year while some truck drivers employed by companies can hope to earn more than USD 200,000 annually. This does not include the many perks, like yearly bonuses based on performance and safety parameters. Also, some Alabama employers also offer health and life insurance coverage for not only the driver but also his family members.

A truck driving life in Alabama has also been attracting hopefuls after the drastic improvement in working conditions in recent times. Many trucking employers in Alabama allow their drivers to set their driving schedule so that the latter doesn’t need to be away from his family or the activities he loves for days on end.

With so many attractions of an Alabama truck driving life, it’s not surprising to note that trucking aspirants are on the lookout for truck driving schools in Central Alabama and nearby areas to get enrolled and begin their preparations for the CDL test. There are plenty of schools to choose from in cities like Birmingham, Dothan (AL), Montgomery (AL), and Tuscaloosa (AL). When looking for truck driving schools, North Alabama cities like Huntsville and Decatur (AL) too provide plenty of options. But we recommend getting yourself enrolled in Affordable Truck Driver Training, one of the best schools in the state dedicated to furthering your truck driving career. Call us at 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537) to know more about this school.

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